We make home visits in the Halifax area for dog obedience and puppy training. Our training is one to one with you and your dog or puppy to ensure you that you can control your dog in the future. Training you is just as important as training your dog.

Our training is aimed at solving the problems you may be having with your dog such as pulling on the lead, poor recall, aggression, barking, jumping up, and general dog obedience. Our training is effective and is based on our ten years training dogs in Yorkshire and abroad.

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Bad behaviour and poor dog obedience by your dog or puppy makes life very difficult. Much as you love your dog bad behaviour makes owning a dog a nightmare. At Halifax dog training we specialise in stopping bad behaviour permanently. We do this by showing you exactly how to take control on a home visit. Our method is correction if the dog or puppy misbehaves and reward when it does.

We do not use treats to persuade your dog to behave as we simply do not think this is the correct approach. Our approach is firm but fair so that your dog learns to listen and do as its told. This gives the dog stabilty as it knows where it stands in the hierachy and puts you in control.Your dog will ignore distractions and behave well in all situations.




Training you dog to be obedient is vital for the owner and vital for the dog. A disobedient dog is not a happy dog as it has no stability as it doesn't know the rules. Owning a dog should be a pleasure not a chore. Our Halifax trainer will train your dog in basic dog obedience on home visit and will show you the commands so that you are able to follow up the training. We will go for a walk with you in the local park in Halifax or wherever you walk your dog to ensure that you are comfortable with your dog and know how to control the dog.

Heel Work – dog will be taught to walk to heel on the lead without pulling.
Heel Work – dog will be taught to walk to heel off the lead ignoring other dogs.
Recall - Your dog will return to you when called.
Down – dog will be taught to “down” on command and remain in this position until released.
Down – Your dog will ignore other dogs when in the "down".
Sit – dog will sit at the owner’s side as soon as they stop moving without a command.
Come – dog will come to the owner in the “frontal sit” position.



Puppies go through phases that can make you wonder why you wanted a puppy to begin with. They jump up at people, bark constantly, and bite. All this is perfectly normal but needs to be stopped so that your puppy becomes well behaved.

At Halifax dog training we are very experience in training puppies to grow up to be well behaved members of your family. Our training is based on correction and reward as the only way your puppy will ever learn is if there is a clear and consistent connection between your puppy’s actions and your reaction.

We train your puppy at your home visit one to one and on a walk so that you can learn how to correct and reward your dog. Working with you is an essential part of the training which is why we do not offer classes. Our training is all one to one which is both quicker, more effective, and suited to your family circumstances.

Halifax dog training
What problem dog behaviour do you deal with

If your dog is, jumping up at people or you, stealing food, destructive, running out of the door,  barking constantly, aggressive to humans or dogs and more … you need home 1-2-1 home training. Two hours is usually enough to cure most problems because we train you to take control and then you don’t need us anymore.

My dog is terrible when I go for a walk can you help

Pulling on the lead , running away and refusing to return, and barking and lunging at other dogs  are the most common problems we deal with. We go for a walk with you and we always choose a busy park and usually stop this in an hour.

What training methods do you use

Unlike some trainers, we only use “treats” in some circumstances particularly with high level obedience training. They are over used and eventually do not work with problem behaviour. Our method is correction and then reward with praise. Enticing or “bribing” a dog is counter-productive and they soon spot how to manipulate the situation. The most important training, however, is the owner training so that you can control your dog.

Do you have puppy classes

The short answer is NO. We simply do not think they work. There are too a many puppies and they just want to play with each other and are totally distracted. The owners cannot possibly get individual attention in an hour with 8 or 10 or more people in a class. We only offer 1-2-1 puppy training in your home because it’s quicker, more effective, and cheaper!

How many sessions do you recommend

Our aim is to cure problems quickly usually in 2 sessions. We believe that offering 5 and 10 sessions is frankly a “rip off”. We train you to take control your dog and if you are prepared to put our training into effect you simply do not need us for this length of time. If you need us again because you’re not sure about something, we’ll pop back free of charge.


Our Halifax dog training covers all areas of Halifax including Hebden Bridge, Elland, and Sowerby Bridge. We offer a one to one home visit in all these areas for dog and puppy training.




As with many local authorities, Calderdale restricts where dogs can be walked and also where they can be walked off the lead. They provide information here.Halifax dog training can train your dog or puppy to walk off lead and there are places near Halifax where you can let your dog run free. The Walkiees  website recommends Ogden Water and Scammonden Dam as places where your dog can be off lead.

Halifax dog training


The Yorkshire Post recently published an article about Dog Friendly Pubs in Yorkshire A dog-sitting website has announced the winners of its annual Dog Friendly Pub Awards. Members of Dogbuddy.com voted for their favourite watering holes, and 12 regional winners were selected. Two of the top ranked pubs were in the Halifax area the Alma Inn, Sowerby Bridge and The Causeway Foot Inn, Halifax

Halifax dog training


  • Pat Mangion Avatar

    Rob came to our house to help us with our 5 year old Doberman. In less than 15 minutes he had stopped her barking when people came to the door. We've seen a massive improvement in her behaviour already since he came and can't wait for him to come back to help us tackle her response to joggers, cyclists, etc.

    Pat Mangion 14 Oct 2018
  • Denver Farrington Avatar

    Very knowledgeable, highly recommend Rob! Sorted my 1 year old Frenchie out within the first 10/15 minutes of being with him, felt like i had a completely new dog. Looking forward to the next session!!

    Denver Farrington 11 Oct 2018
  • Phillip Barnard Avatar

    Saw Rob yesterday for the first time. On the phone I was advised that it would take one short lesson to get my Miniature Schnauzer to become obedient. Naturally, I thought 'yeah, right!'. The main problems were him barking at people who were walking past the garden and barking at other dogs and people on walks. Rob sorted these issues with ease.....how wrong was I!

    Phillip Barnard 03 Oct 2018
  • Megan Howard Avatar

    Brilliant time spent with Rob who has helped make a massive difference with our cockerpoo puppy Reggie - who can be pretty bonkers at times. Rob sorted issues we were having with him straight away! It was amazing how obidiant Reggie became so quickly. Rob was really lovely, and worth every penny!! I would hugely recommend Rob and the Leeds Dog School.

    Megan Howard 23 Sep 2018
  • Julie Brook Avatar

    We met Rob today with our 10 month Lab Retriever. She is so lovely but she does exactly what she wants. Not what we want. She rules our life. Within 15 minutes of Rob handling her on a leash we saw a different dog. She soon understood what he expected of her. He gave good, easy to follow advice. Very highly recommended. Thanks Rob.

    Julie Brook 16 Sep 2018
  • James Parry Avatar

    We met Rob today with our very difficult rescue Saluki. Rob was positive and reassuring and we saw an immediate improvement with Casper. We know there is work to continue with but we are confident that we have made that elusive, important first step. Would wholeheartedly recommend Robs' services to anyone struggling with an aggressive dog.

    James Parry 04 Sep 2018
  • Samantha Land Avatar

    Can highly recommend Rob, before he came into the house he could hear the commotion and said I’ll sort that today, and he did half an hour later we had two calm dogs and no aggression or dominance. Before Rob visited I felt like I was being held hostage by the smallest cairn terrier, now I can see a way forward and taking control. Honestly give Leeds dog school a go absolutely marvellous

    Samantha Land 27 Aug 2018
  • Lesley Wright Avatar

    Rob came today for our shepherd Lola had her sorted in 15 minutes would definitely recommend. Instant results with her😀😀

    Lesley Wright 20 Aug 2018
  • Ken Hinds Avatar

    Spent what seemed like the blink of an eye with Rob this afternoon and in that short time our leash reactive Border Terrier went from devil to angel. Tough love but effective. Now just need to embed the techniques Rob has shown us to have not only a loving dog but an obedient one!

    Ken Hinds 18 Aug 2018
  • Claire Baker Avatar

    Met Rob today with my 16 month old Rottweiler Hector who is leash reactive to dogs and some people! Rob showed my a technique to nip this behaviour straight away. Would highly recommend him , definitely going to have more sessions with him with Hector! 👍🏻😀

    Claire Baker 16 Aug 2018
  • Kyle Rooke Avatar

    After 7 month of continuous pulling we have seen great results in our vizslas on lead walking. Within the first session she now walks to heel and stops exactly when she should. Fantastic training and a great service.

    Kyle Rooke 11 Aug 2018
  • C S Horsemanship Avatar

    Rob did a fantastic job with our two German shepherds, Mason and Millie, today!! Very patient and gave us some good techniques to use. Booked them in for another session, very happy with the results so far.

    C S Horsemanship 08 Aug 2018
  • Ernst Hargrave Avatar

    Absolutely amazed - it only took 15 minutes to sort my dog out. My dog was nipping and definitely trying to be top dog in the household but Rob is very calm and in control and very quickly sorts things out. Don't hesitate to give him a try I'm sure you too will be so pleased with the results.

    Ernst Hargrave 13 Jul 2018
  • Sahand Galal Avatar

    Our dog has been barking at anything she seen or heard for about 6 years, after a 10-15 min session our jack chi has completely changed. We are so grateful, such a great service. Definitely recommend it to everyone!!! We can now happily take our dog for a walk without any hassle. Thank you!

    Sahand Galal 27 Jun 2018