We make home visits in Batley and surroundings for dog obedience and puppy training. Our training is 1-2-1 with you and your dog or puppy at your home in Batley so that you can learn to control your dog. We believe that training for you is just as important as training your dog.

Our training is aimed at solving the problems you may be having with your dog such as pulling on the lead, poor recall, aggression, barking, jumping up, and general dog obedience. Our training is effective and is based on our ten years training dogs in  the UK and abroad.




Training you dog to be obedient is vital for the owner and vital for the dog. A disobedient dog is not a happy dog as it has no stability as it doesn't know the rules. Owning a dog should be a pleasure not a chore. Our Batley dog trainer will train your dog in basic dog obedience on home visit and will show you the commands so that you are able to follow up the training. We will go for a walk with you in the local park or wherever you walk your dog to ensure that you are comfortable with your dog and know how to control the dog.

  • Heel Work –  walk to heel on the lead
  • Heel Work – walk to heel off the lead
  • Down – “down” on command
  • Sit – dog will sit when you stop walking
  • Come –  come to you in the “frontal sit” 



Some trainers believe that giving a dog treats is the best way to train but in our opinion relying on treats exclusively just does not work. Your dog may learn how behave but only does it at because there's a treat at the end of it and many times treats just stop working. Essentially you are bribing the dog to behave properly.Bad behaviour by a dog makes an owner’s life a misery. Our dog training solves problems with bad behaviour as this is our speciality. Many of the problems are very common and we work with your dog and just as importantly, with you at your home or on a walk, to solve the problems.

  • Stop pulling on the lead
  • Stop lunging at other dogs
  • Stop barking at dogs & people
  • Stop jumping up at people
  • Stop aggression
  • Stop running away and not returning
  • Stop constant barking


  • Biting - we will show you how to stop "mouthing" or biting
  • Pulling on the lead - We will show you how to stop it
  • Jumping Up - we will show you how to stop jumping up at visitors
  • Crate Training - we will show you how to crate train your puppy
  • Toilet Training - we will show you the easiest way to toilet train your puppy
  • Barking - we will show you how to stop it
  • Jumping on the furniture - we will show you how to stop it
  • Chewing - we will show you how to stop it

Training your new puppy should be started as soon as possible from 8 weeks. You’ll be amazed just how quickly they learn and at a very early age and it’s just fun for them and they love it!

Leeds Dog Training School train your puppy on a 1-2-1 visit to your home in Yorkshire rather than in classes as we believe this is much more effective.










It’s tempting to put your Rescue dog’s bad behaviour down to its bad experience and tolerate barking, biting, pulling on the lead, and aggression for a time. This is not acceptable and unless these behaviour are dealt with quickly your life will be a misery. We train your Rescue dog and you! We believe that one to one training with you and your dog at your home is the best way of training and stopping dog bad behaviour.


In addition to 1-2-1 Home training , we offer Residential Boot Camp Training  at the kennels in blocks of a week at a time or just 3 days.

Please call to discuss your dog and your training objectives.

Daily intensive training sessions will ensure that your dog’s obedience will improve with a tailored programme to your exact needs and resolve any particular problems you may be having

Owner training is a vital part of the process and working with the owner is a major part of the training. We work extensively with the owner at the kennels to make sure that they understand the commands and can take control of their dog following the training.


Our dog trainer offers a one to one home visit in Batley & surroundings  for dog and puppy training.






  • David Lowe Avatar

    What a difference a Dave made. We had been having difficulty with our young Springer, Sherpa, pulling hard and not walking to heel on lead. Not any more! Dave listened to our “problem”, talked us through why it was us (not Sherpa) and explained what was needed. After a very short time we were walking Sherpa on lead to heel. What a pleasure! In the garden we were walking him to heel off lead. A real feeling of progress. It’s now down to us. Thank you, Dave.

    David Lowe 21 Sep 2021
  • Diane Gilbertson Avatar

    From the moment Ruth arrived I felt comfortable, she is just lovely. Ruth came to advise me on our 5 month old Rottweiler and she was brilliant. She made sure I understood each part of the training before leaving (30 minutes later than she should have at no extra cost) and has definitely restored my confidence. Ruth has sent me messages on the training we did so if I need to refer back to it I have it to hand. She also sent me links on what collar and lead to buy. I would definitely recommend using Leeds Dog School without hesitation

    Diane Gilbertson 12 Sep 2021
  • Philip Taylor Avatar

    Recently got a German shepherd 4 years old and poorly raised didn’t stop barking at any and every dog and sometimes people as soon as we got to the park with Leeds dog school there was an immediate change we could take her attention away from the other dogs and stopped her from barking. She was able to walk past other dogs at the end of the session no problem there’s still some work to be done and yet Leeds dog school made an incredible difference in just 1 session so worth the money!!

    Philip Taylor 08 Sep 2021
  • Nicole Wilding Avatar

    I can not recommend Leeds dog school enough. Today we had our session with Dave who was brilliant. We have 2 very energetic border collies who pull hard on the lead and jump up at everyone. I wasn’t sure 1 session would make much of a difference but I was very wrong. After just 1 session with Dave I can see a big difference in both of them. With the techniques he showed us for all the behaviour issues we are having, I am 100% confident we are going to have them trained in no time. Thank you!!

    Nicole Wilding 13 Aug 2021
  • Christopher Clark Avatar

    Ruth came to our house to help us with 2 Patterdale terriers, she was amazing! Knew her stuff, gave us tips we didn’t know about, she also followed up the training session with an email containing extra help, she was very friendly and down to earth, would highly recommend her, thank you 👌

    Christopher Clark 29 Jul 2021
  • Tammy Majchrzak Avatar

    Just had Dave with us for a couple of hours and I have to say he was amazing. In a couple of hours we actually feel confident with our wire Fox Terrier. I’m so very grateful to you for helping us in such a small space of time. Very professional. Straight in there and got on with what needed to be done and I’m totally amazed. Thank you I will call on you again when we get our new puppy! Thank you so much. Highly recommend you.

    For review readers, listen to the Trainer and follow what they say.

    Tammy Majchrzak 01 Jul 2021
  • Lisa Duffy Avatar

    Dave came to help me with my rescue greyhound who is terrified to go outside & this has led to toilet training being an issue. She is also incredibly nervous of people & children. We managed to take her for a walk and she shivered, pulled & froze. Dave taught me some really helpful techniques & explained the mindset behind them. I found him to be really encouraging & eventually my dog ate treats from him. Our session is by no means an immediate cure for my dog but Dave has given me the tools & advice that with a bit of patience & practice will help us both immensely. Also video's to watch too which will be valuable. He reassured me & left me feeling confident that I can do this. I also appreciate that I can contact him if I have any questions. Would not hesitate to reccomend. Dave you are awesome, thank you 😊

    Lisa Duffy 30 Jun 2021
  • Margaret Hudson Avatar

    Well what can I say but sooo impressed with the training. Rob & Dave came to see us and our new rescue dog who was a huge puller on the lead. Within literally a few minutes our dog was walking to heel on a loose lead. We went out for a walk and only saw a couple of dogs but our dog was amazing with Rob & Dave teaching us and her what to do and how to behave. No more pulling all over the place and no barking at other dogs when greeting them.Best of all a much happier,calmer dog and much happier owners. Thanks lads 👍

    Margaret Hudson 23 Jun 2021
  • Jill Davey Avatar

    Wow! This place is brilliant. Isaac was fantastic! Our dog absolutely loved him and he transformed her from a dog that constantly pulls to one that enjoys walking perfectly to heel and more importantly; he gave us the tools and confidence to be able to hold her attention whilst out walking. We are so very grateful and Isaac now has a new friend for life. We are definitely coming back for more training as she gets older.

    Jill Davey 27 May 2021
  • Andrew Ellis (ELF) Avatar

    Saw instant results. Literally from our door to the top of the street. Incredibly clear guidance for us. We feel really confident with the training he has given us. We had Olly he is a super sound guy, very experienced and knowledgeable. Highly recommend.

    Andrew Ellis (ELF) 22 May 2021
  • Alison Noscoe Avatar

    Thanks to Isaac Ollie and Rob .... awesome team. Real improvements with my dogs. Guys are helpful and supportive even after residential ended... really like these guys and seem honest knowledgeable and very very nice bunch, down to earth and good teachers ... working towards high obedience training for my gsd dogs. Thanks for being supportive... and teaching me how to carry on the good work. Definitely recommend and the kennel people at Laburnum Kennels they were super too (had never kennelled my dogs before). Not easy to hand your dogs over to strangers but these guys/Kennels made it feel easy, like a home from home. THANKS FOR BEING SO DECENT AND FRIENDLY ❤️❤️❤️ Would recommend and use again 😋😋

    Alison Noscoe 12 Apr 2021
  • Danny Speight Avatar

    I contacted Leeds dog school for help with some basic obedience issues that we were having with our Dobermann puppy.
    Ollie arrived promptly and was able to immediately identify the areas we needed to work on.
    He was able to demonstrate and explain a simple system to communicate with our dog more effectively and did so in a clear, concise no frills way.
    In the 24hrs that have followed we’ve seen a huge improvement in our dogs compliance and in our consistency.
    We’ll definitely be returning customers.

    Danny Speight 28 Mar 2021
  • Zoe Towers Avatar

    Our 6yr old Jack Russell Cross, had started to display aggressive tendencies on the lead to passers by and some others dogs but was fine off the lead. We had started to get really stressed about taking him for walks as living semi-urban we often have to get passed lots of people to get to open spaces.
    Immediately Ollie showed us how to get Oscar back under control and us back in charge and take the emotion out of the walk. We now have to practise but I just feel so relieved that we can now walk Oscar stress free again after just one session. Ollie had also sent us lots of You Tube videos to study and is there for any future questions.

    Zoe Towers 22 Feb 2021
  • Jeff evans Avatar

    Fantastic results with my Dobermann pup 'Judah' being trained with Rob and Issac for the last four weeks. I am astonished at how much has been achieved in such a short period of time. This was Issac's first major project and all credit to Robs training technique what an amazing job you have done! Thank you all, Jack, Ollie, Rob and Issac for producing an amazing pup. See you soon for round 2. All the best, Jeff Evans.

    Jeff evans 14 Feb 2021
  • charlotte thomas Avatar

    Ollie came to us this week to help us with a very over playful Boxer puppy ! Our dog Max took US for a walk rather than the other way around 😂 Ollie showed us the right techniques and helped us to understand what we were doing wrong, after just one session Max is like a totally different dog! We can not thank Ollie enough for what he has done in such a short time THANKS AGAIN DANIELLE AND BEN (and of course Max )

    charlotte thomas 13 Feb 2021