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Northallerton Dog Training  covers all the area with our 1-2-1 dog training and puppy training. All our training is done at your home and on a walk.

Home Dog Obedience training in Northallerton works quickly and effectively with your dog or puppy!

Northallerton Dog Training School can work miracles with difficult or disobedient dogs and puppies. We believe that only 1-2-1  training in your home gets fast and effective results. Our training shows you how to take control your dog and to give you the tools do it. There are no weeks of classes, we come to your home or go on a walk in the local park with you and your dog.





Robert Dye

Rob Dye has hands on experience of training dogs from his work with many of the best trainers in the UK and Europe. Rob has worked with trainers in Germany and the Czech Republic honing his skill in training dogs.


Over the last 15 years Ruth Spellacy has studied  many different training methods including attending courses such as “Thinking Like Canines” (TLC) by the world famous Barbara Sykes. She also gained a distinction in and has a Diploma in Animal Behaviour.









Bad behaviour by a dog makes an owner’s life a misery. Our dog training solves problems with bad behaviour as this is our speciality. Many of the problems are very common and we work with your dog and just as importantly, with you at your home or on a walk, to solve the problems.

  • Stop pulling on the lead
  • Stop lunging at other dogs
  • Stop barking at dogs & people
  • Stop jumping up at people
  • Stop aggression
  • Stop running away and not returning
  • Stop constant barking

A disobedient dog can make going for a walk or having visitors to your home an absolute nightmare!. With his many years experience in dog training, our Northallerton Dog Training School trainer  works with you and your dog to ensure your dog is highly obedient and that you know the commands and how to put them into practise. The training is always 1-2-1 we do not work in classes.

  • Heel Work –  walk to heel on the lead
  • Heel Work – walk to heel off the lead
  • Recall - return to you when called
  • Down – “down” on command
  • Sit – dog will sit when you stop walking
  • Come –  come to you in the “frontal sit” 


It’s tempting to put your Rescue dog’s bad behaviour down to its bad experience and tolerate barking, biting, pulling on the lead, and aggression for a time. This is not acceptable and unless these behaviour are dealt with quickly your life will be a misery. We train your Rescue dog and you! We believe that one to one training with you and your dog at your home is the best way of training and stopping dog bad behaviour.

Our approach to puppy training differs from many others as we only train on a 1-2-1 basis at your home. In our opinion, puppy training classes whilst good fun for the puppy are much less effective than individual training for the puppy and particularly for the owner. The puppies in classes are often distracted and are more interested in playing with the other dogs. In classes of 8 to 12 puppies it’s not possible to give the puppy or the owner individual attention


Our dog training covers Northallerton and surrounding areas. We visit your home in all these areas in Northallerton and surroundings and also in your local park or where you normally walk your dog. This is where the problems occur and that's the best place to stop them.



  • Rebekah Hellard Avatar

    Very professional, clear direction . Honest shocked within 10 mins he had my Doberman in control. And Absolutely amazed. Definitely will recommend Rob
    Thank You

    Rebekah Hellard 08 Aug 2020
  • Lauren Ainsworth Avatar

    Would highly recommend to anyone! Rob came today and worked his magic on my dog. He would bark at anything and everything, he didn't like men or other dogs and within the session rob stopped the behavior and its like I have a completely different dog! I really can't believe the difference.

    Lauren Ainsworth 30 Jul 2020
  • Annie Clark Avatar

    Steve is an incredible trainer that is so personable and great with our dog. I would 100% recommend him to anyone who needs advice from basic guidance to a difficult need. Great value, great experience and great person. Thank you so much

    Annie Clark 25 Jul 2020
  • georgia vickers Avatar

    I honestly can’t thank Steve enough for his help today, he was so professional and friendly and within minutes knew where we were going wrong. He offered so much advice and resources as well working with us to demonstrate exactly how to correct our dog. He even brought along his own dog to assist in training so a special thank you to doggy Dax for being so patient with our Ted. In just a couple of hours we went from a dog petrified of people & dogs, who would bark and lunge at them, to a much calmer and more confident dog who could sit next to a new dog who was much bigger than him. Within three attempts he had practically perfected not barking at door knocking. We still have some work and practice to go but Steve gave us all the tools we
    need to do this as well his constant support should we need it. Thank you Steve you’ve been brilliant.

    georgia vickers 25 Jul 2020
  • Sarah sheldon Avatar

    We have a puppy Golden Doodle and we are brand new to owning a dog. We contacted Leeds Dog School because our puppy was biting a lot - biting us and furniture. She is adorable but this was getting in the way of us building a good relationship with her. We first read various ways of stopping this behaviour on-line but there is such a lot of conflicting advice that we thought having a personal trainer come to the house and help us with our puppy on a one to one basis was the way forward. I read all the reviews on line and they sounded great but I was sceptical that a single session would resolve the problem. How wrong I was. Ruth came to our house and she was absolutely fabulous. She took time to explain how dogs' minds work and therefore what they do and don't respond to. She then taught us a very effective correction technique which worked immediately and has continued to work with success ever since. We were so impressed with Ruth - her professionalism, her knowledge, her love of dogs, her experience and her lovely easy manner and attitude - that we asked her to come back once our puppy could start walking outside of the house. She came back this week and taught us how to help our puppy walk securely and properly outdoors and she even helped us with some problems we have had in getting our puppy in the car. What Ruth has done is actually give us the confidence that we are in control, not the otherway around, and that we can love our dog to bits while also making sure she behaves properly. Our experience of this company - from the lovely gentleman who spoke to me initially on the telephone, to Ruth who is outstanding and to the after service in videos and messages is that it is a first rate company and we would highly recommend it to anyone.

    Sarah sheldon 25 Jul 2020
  • Gabrielle Derrick Avatar

    Rob is a remarkable trainer! We had had been seriously struggling with our 6 month old cane corso puppy. An hour with Rob has helped turn her behaviour around. We are now able to walk her without her lashing out at other dogs. He shown us how to train her to be unafraid of other dogs and to stop the negative behaviours. I highly recommend booking a session with Rob, he's a great guy and really knows what he's doing!!

    Gabrielle Derrick 25 Jul 2020
  • kerrie Brown Avatar

    rob really helped teach me and my mum how to keep our two dogs calm around each other when they go for a visit. It got to the point where we didn’t allow them to be around each other as they didn’t listen to us at all but after 10 mins with rob they stayed calm and laid in their beds and have since been doing it on every visit! Super happy and can’t believe how quick the problem was solved 🙂

    kerrie Brown 18 Jul 2020
  • Brenda Weir Avatar

    Rob came today to help to assist me with my lovely German Shepherd dogs .He has already made an improvement in the balance of the pack. Rob looked at the dogs as a whole not just individually. Rob was clear,deciciive and calm.Rob has helped me to be a better leader ,which in turn helps all three of my dogs. Rob has the best interests of all the dogs at heart . Rob took on board my own views and has now given me some tools to improve the quality of time spent in my dogs company.I have already seen an improvement in the dogs behaviour. Well done and Thank you .Brenda

    Brenda Weir 14 Jul 2020
  • Rachel Darby Avatar

    We would 100% recommended sheffield dog school.
    Steve came out to our home yesterday for a 1-1 with our 7 month old Doberman Kobe.
    We were starting to loose hope that we would never be able to walk him on a loose lead out on a walk or how to correct behaviour issues within our home. However Steve came and spent some time with us and we were amazed with how well Kobe has reacted to the training. Today I have been able to confidently walk him on a loose lead with absolutely no pulling at all.
    We now how control and we feel so much more relaxed in our home, Kobe is a much happier calmer dog too in just one session!

    Steve was very friendly and made us feel extremely comfortable we cannot recommend him enough!
    He is amazing!! Ask for Steve’s help!!

    Rachel, Daniel & Kobe 🐾🐾

    Rachel Darby 12 Jul 2020
  • Matthew Marsh Avatar

    Rob is super professional and extremely knowledgeable his passion for what he does is great to see. Within minutes he had george like putty in his hand. We got Rob to deal with my mums dog who’s super sweet but a powerful dog. I spoke to my mum this morning and she passed on the following after our session with Rob.

    We’ve been on our walk just had the slip collar on and George was lovely to walk. It stopped him from nosying all the rubbish on the floor and also being too interested in cats.

    We came across the usual pack of 3 dogs and I made him sit at the other side of the road and he ate his ham and cheese.
    We also saw a spaniel which he hasn’t seen before. Again it was over the road but he showed more interest in it until I did the aha, sit and treats.

    The hardest thing to remember is to pull up and not back. That foxes me I get all muddled, but we’ll get there I’m sure.

    Also George is so interested in ham he forgets to wee and poo 😂😂

    Thank you for your help x

    Matthew Marsh 06 Jul 2020
  • paula brown Avatar

    When my daughter brought her puppy Bulldog over to my house it was complete bedlam with my dog & hers. They were manic & completely uncontrollable in their excitement. Within 5 minutes of Rob showing us what to do we saw a difference. Within 15 minutes they were calm & laid down. He was here for 1.5 hours & didn’t charge us anymore for staying longer. We didn’t get a chance to deal with my dogs unpredictable aggression so he is arranging for me to meet his dogs to deal with that too, at no extra cost. My dog can be fearful of men, which he picked up on immediately & he let me lead with my dog so as not to scare her. I really respected that because the last thing I wanted was for my dog to be scared. Would recommend highly

    paula brown 05 Jul 2020
  • Victoria Bryan Avatar

    Amazed!! Less than an hour with Ollie and not only did he have my 6month XL bully under control; I had her heeling and all round obedient !! 😁😁 I’m oozing confidence and so excited and happy for the future with my beautiful pup 🐶 thank you soooo much; 1010% recommended! These guys know their stuff 👌👏🏼😊

    Victoria Bryan 01 Jul 2020
  • Dave Clarke Avatar

    Rob came today to work with me and Luna. We were having problems with Luna jumping up at people and trying to get to other people and dogs on walks, not aggressively but wanting to play.
    Rob showed me some great correct & reward techniques and Luna was a much calmer dog when he left.
    Rob has given me the confidence to believe I can carry on with training, knowing he is there if I need him.
    Great stuff.

    Dave Clarke 30 Jun 2020
  • Kelly Nicholson Avatar

    Our 1 year old GSD was lunging and barking at other dogs. He was becoming extremely protective of our family. Rob showed us how to correct this behaviour. The results were really quick. He is a pleasure to walk and doesn’t show those behaviours anymore.

    Kelly Nicholson 29 Jun 2020
  • Daniel Gale Avatar

    I was having aggression and dominace issues with my 9 month old Rottweiler.
    Rob showed me the best ways to deal with these and a more strict regime to follow in hopes of amendng and stopping these behaviours.
    So far so good.

    Daniel Gale 17 Jun 2020