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Guiseley Dog Training  covers all the area with our 1-2-1 dog training and puppy training. All our training is done at your home and on a walk.{{CODEGuiseley}}

Guiseley Dog Training School can work miracles with difficult or disobedient dogs and puppies. We believe that only 1-2-1  training in your home gets fast and effective results. Our training shows you how to take control your dog and to give you the tools do it. There are no weeks of classes, we come to your home in Guiseley or go on a walk in the local park with you and your dog.










Bad behaviour by a dog makes an owner’s life a misery. Our dog training solves problems with bad behaviour as this is our speciality. Many of the problems are very common and we work with your dog in Guiseley and just as importantly, with you at your home or on a walk, to solve the problems.

  • Stop pulling on the lead
  • Stop lunging at other dogs
  • Stop barking at dogs & people
  • Stop jumping up at people
  • Stop aggression
  • Stop running away and not returning
  • Stop constant barking

A disobedient dog can make going for a walk or having visitors to your home an absolute nightmare!. With his many years experience in dog training, our Guiseley Dog Training School trainer  works with you and your dog to ensure your dog is highly obedient and that you know the commands and how to put them into practise. The training is always 1-2-1 we do not work in classes.

  • Heel Work –  walk to heel on the lead
  • Heel Work – walk to heel off the lead
  • Recall - return to you when called
  • Down – “down” on command
  • Sit – dog will sit when you stop walking
  • Come –  come to you in the “frontal sit” 

Our approach to puppy training differs from many others as we only train on a 1-2-1 basis at your home. In our opinion, puppy training classes whilst good fun for the puppy are much less effective than individual training for the puppy and particularly for the owner. The puppies in classes are often distracted and are more interested in playing with the other dogs. In classes of 8 to 12 puppies it’s not possible to give the puppy or the owner individual attention



It’s tempting to put your Rescue dog’s bad behaviour down to its bad experience and tolerate barking, biting, pulling on the lead, and aggression for a time. This is not acceptable and unless these behaviour are dealt with quickly your life will be a misery. We train your Rescue dog and you! We believe that one to one training with you and your dog at your home is the best way of training and stopping dog bad behaviour.


Our dog training covers Guiseley and surrounding areas. We visit your home in all these areas in Guiseley and surroundings and also in your local park or where you normally walk your dog. This is where the problems occur and that's the best place to stop them.



  • James wilson Avatar

    We had Ruth out today to visit with our Rottie pup and in particular his biting. She was fantastic and definitely money well spent. Can’t believe the change in a day. There are so many conflicting viewpoints available online its hard to workout the best way to do things, having Ruth and Leeds dog school in took this away and give us a clear positive path to follow.
    Would recommend to all new owners!

    James wilson 04 Dec 2019
  • Becky McDonald Avatar

    Highly recommend Leeds dog school! Ruth came out a couple weeks ago to help us with our Rottweiler puppy and she was amazing!! It has helped us so much to make sure we are bringing him up the right way. Ruth and Rob called in last night as a call back to make sure we felt comfortable and doing everything right! Very easy to deal with and always there if we need help!! Really couldn’t recommend them enough 🙂

    Becky McDonald 04 Dec 2019
  • Hayley Grace Avatar

    Absolutely brilliant. A simple technique that can change a dog's life for the better. These trainers have the key(s) to success. Many thanks to Rob for helping our two cavalier spaniel boys!

    Hayley Grace 21 Nov 2019
  • Carole Bambrough-Oates Avatar

    We had a very productive first session with Rob today, he obviously loves his dogs and made great progress with Flo, our very anxious 3 year old doberlady. We are looking forward to continuing to implement Rob’s techniques, which he explained and persevered with us until we understood what we need to do and why. Looking forward to having a calm confident gorgeous girl. The back-up video links and service is great.

    Carole Bambrough-Oates 20 Nov 2019
  • Keith Bothamley Avatar

    Just finished my first session with Rob who was extremely knowledgable and passionate. Within 15 minutes he showed me how I can stop my German Shepherd barking and lunging at the door when someone knocks. Lots of practical, sensible strategies to use with Bella before we meet again next week. Rob made everything logical and clear, has good breed knowledge and left me with links to recommended videos on a range of training techniques and scenarios. Would highly recommend Rob and Leeds Dog School to anyone who is looking for balanced, effective training methods to use with their dog.

    Keith Bothamley 19 Nov 2019
  • Amanda Blamires Avatar

    Ruth came to our house today to help us with our 6 month old jack Russell cross, Albert. He had been bullying the cat, ignoring his name when called, getting distracted by other dogs whilst out on his walks, and generally trying to rule the roost. Ruth demonstrated some amazing techniques and Albert responded really well after just one visit. I can not recommend Leeds Dog School, and Ruth, enough. Absolutely fantastic.

    Amanda Blamires 14 Nov 2019
  • Adam Burdis Avatar

    Ruth was excellent with our golden retriever puppy, Benji! She has given us great tips for correction which we will definitely be using and helped us out with walking and commands such as stay and back. We would definitely recommend!

    Adam Burdis 10 Nov 2019
  • Mandy Clarkson Avatar

    Ruth has visited us twice to help with training our now 7 month old German shepherd. She makes training easy and enjoyable both for us and for our puppy and with perseverance it works. She has helped us tremendously with our puppy training and he wouldn't be as well behaved as he is without Ruth's training and advice. Any problems and/or worries we have are always easily remedied and nothing is too much trouble, she will accommodate you. We would highly recommend Leeds Dog School.

    Mandy Clarkson 04 Nov 2019
  • Matt Clarke Avatar

    Absolutely amazing results, extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and a pleasure too have round. Completely changed our dogs behaviour and taught us exactly what we need to be doing as well. By far, the best trainer we've seen

    Matt Clarke 03 Nov 2019
  • Alistair Thompson-Meeks Avatar

    Excellent advice. Our westiepoo has changed from a dog who was barking and jumping up to a calmer and more confident dog. I was very surprised at the change in him in such a short period of time! It was easy after being shown the correct way to train him.

    Thank you Rob and Steve!


    Alistair Thompson-Meeks 30 Oct 2019
  • Julia Tavener Avatar

    Fantastic advice, thankyou so much. Really enjoyed your visit and I now have 2 dogs that walk by my side. Looking forward to putting your advice to practice and some long and enjoyable walks....and no jumping up.

    Julia Tavener 25 Oct 2019
  • Molly Wright Avatar

    Amazing! I can’t recommend them enough, so friendly, professional and understanding! I have a rescue dog with many many issues! I wasn’t expecting anything to work but I’m completely amazed at the results from just 1 session, followed up by helpful tips and videos. I can’t express how grateful I am and how incredibly life changing this has been already!

    Molly Wright 20 Oct 2019
  • Andrzej Wilk Avatar

    Fantastic! Thanks for the help with training my dog!

    Andrzej Wilk 12 Oct 2019
  • Niall Kelly Avatar

    Rob came to see my very headstrong 9 month old Border Collie today. The techniques he taught me to show my dog that I am the boss have already started to work he is a lot more well behaved and walks on the lead so much better. Rob is very knowledgeable, approachable and his experience with dogs really shows. I would 100% recommended Rob to anyone who really wants to understand their dog. I’ve tried a lot of trainers but Rob’s techniques really get results.

    Niall Kelly 10 Oct 2019
  • jane maude Avatar

    Ruth came to help with Bruno today. He pulls on the lead and jumps at people, within 10 mins he had stopped jumping! Then the test, a walk, Bruno walked beautifully after 5 mins. We are over the moon with the tools and advice that Ruth gave us, thank you so much 😁He even walked better tonight and didn't jump at our daughter when she got home. Deffo recommend Leeds dog school.

    jane maude 10 Oct 2019


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