Dog Aggression is cause for distress and worry in many dog owners. This aggression takes the form of snarling, growling, snapping, biting, barking or lunging. It can make going for a walk or having friends round to home almost an impossibility. Your dog’s way of relating to other dogs and people changes as he goes through adolescence and even adulthood. How much it changes will depend on his early socialization, genetics, and the training and supervision he receives.
Dogs cannot speak and sometimes your dog may be ill which can make it aggressive but if your dog is healthy then clearly other factors are at work.However, sudden aggression might have medical reasons so it’s always worth checking with your vet.
At Leeds Dog School we work with you to solve problems with aggression and we have a very high success rate. Our advice is practical and shows you how to take back control and this usually solves the problem very quickly.