Rescue Dog Training

Even though it may take a little while for your Rescue dog or Rescue Puppy to adjust, that doesn't mean you should not start training as soon as possible. Training ensure your dog gets stability and rules.

This will stop bad behaviour such as pulling on the lead, aggression to people or other dogs, barking, and poor re-call. Dogs need structure to be happy and they need a predictable set of rules. They also need an owner who is assertive so that they don’t try to dominate which is why we work with the owner on a 1-2-1 basis.

Our Rescue Dog Training Sessions can also help you to establish boundaries for your dog right from the start. Obedience training ensures good behaviour so that your dog becomes a great family member. Dogs are calm and relaxed when they know the rules. They need structure and certainty, so training your new dog properly from day one is best thing you can do for him.

Leeds Dog School rescue dog training has successfully trained many rescue dogs over the last ten years and we train all breeds and puppies.